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Over the years we have found an undeniable manifestation of synergy through strong relationships between individuals, groups and companies with whom we are philosophically aligned. Whether they be a sole-trading marketing professional or a company with an increasing portfolio of return clients, we understand that Partnerships have been and continue to be an integral part of our go-to-market strategy and long term growth.

By providing a range of telecommunications product & service solutions through our well organised and automated systems, we take out the headaches and take care of all the behind-the-scenes operations leaving you, the Partner, to focus your energy purely on your customers. Join us today to reap the benefits of increased value and integrity, to stimulate growth and to drive profit in a win-win outcome for all parties.

Partners & Affiliates

We refer to all entities signed up to the Cabled Up Partner Program as Partners, however we also have an Affiliate classification available.

Partners generally have their own client base, and can leverage the Cabled Up range of products and services as their own (for example, cabling installations or on site troubleshooting / fault-finding). The Partner engages Cabled Up to deliver these products and services to the client on behalf of the Partner, integrating seamlessly with the Partner's existing business model, allowing the Partner full control over defining the scope of works to better suit the client while freeing the client from having to manage multiple parties to achieve a required (or often blurred, misunderstood) outcome. All communication goes through the Partner for any variations, changes or requirements, and Cabled Up will not reveal any pricing or other Partner-specific information to the customer.

Businesses who Partner with us are commonly in the Real Estate, Property Maintenance, Building & Construction, I.T. / Information Technology, and Telecommunications Services (i.e. ISPs, Telcos) industries. But this is by no means an exhaustive list; there are many people and businesses from all different industries who can benefit from partnering with Cabled Up.


Cabled Up Affiliates purely on-sell Cabled Up products and services. They can either have us work on their behalf, under their brand (as for Partners) or opt to simply refer the customer to us where they earn a commission^ for referrals / leads that turn into a sale. Affiliates have access to a wider range of products and services where there is no conflict of business interest. Please contact us to see if you qualify to become a Cabled Up Afflilate.

^conditions apply for Affiliates who opt for referral-based commission

Examples of Popular Services

Below are examples of some of the more popular work we have been engaged for over the past few years. We started our Partner Program doing work with one, then two large Australian ISP's (servicing mainly residential customers), and since we've picked up contracts with builders (residential construction, commercial fitouts), property management companies, and more!

Features & Benefits

Besides the benefits of choosing Cabled Up as your cabling infrastructure provider (which include reliability, top service, and quality workmanship), there are plenty of reasons to sign up to our Partner Program.

Firstly, it's free! No matter how big or small your business, even if you're just a sole trader with an ABN. You can simply sign up online and get access straight away to start utilising our services.

And of course Partners get priority access to job bookings in our schedule, and more of a direct line of communication through email, phone and the cloud. As we're in the communications realm, we know how important communication is for all relationships!

The cloud, you say? Well, we aren't just techs, we're into tech! We've created our own Partner Portal web app and RESTful API for Partners to interface with our work management system to see real time data on the progress and outcomes of each attendance, for each work order.

Our field team updates job data on the fly while on-site, and our Work Management team manages workflow on the system between 7am-7pm daily which appears instantaneously through the Portal. Partners can login anytime to see the status of jobs and invoices in real time, and can choose be notified when jobs have been started, completed, and invoiced.

We have also structured a rewards program through a range of Partner Tiers, where Partners who use us more often have more features, can get better pricing, attain access to our API, and much more!

Starter Partner

Immediate access to our free online Partner Portal.

Easily engage us for cabling & faults-repair services, to service your clients on your behalf.


When you use us often, we'll automatically discount our rates for work we do for you and your clients.


If you're a marketing wonder or a company with a large customer base and have us work with your clients regularly, we can further discount our rates and assign a team to be at your clients' disposal. API access available.


Custom pricing schedules available for ongoing agreements / long-term contracts and for Partners who consistently meet high sales targets, along with an exclusive field team and a direct escalation point / dedicated account manager. Two-way API access available (we can interface with any RESTful CRM).

FAQ's – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a Pty Ltd company?

No, but you will need an ABN to be a Cabled Up Partner.

Who invoices who?

Partners engage Cabled Up for works, on behalf of a client / third party. This means that Cabled Up will invoice the Partner, bound by Cabled Up's payment terms. It is up to the Partner to invoice the customer / end user, which gives the Partner the flexibility to oncharge whatever they want, however they want.

The only exception are Affiliates who choose a referral-based commission (where Cabled Up would invoice the customer, and once paid in full, commission is paid to the Affiliate).

Can your technicians wear my Company shirts instead?

We are always open to negotiation of terms for priority or high-volume work. Our technicians do wear Cabled Up branded shirts, and our fleet of vehicles are also branded. Contact us for a chat to see how we can service your requirements.

Are Cabled Up insured for BIG jobs?

As we have worked with some of the big boys over the years, we have a Public Liability insurance policy up to 20mil. And all materials, equipment and vehicles are fully insured, along with obligatory insurances (by law) such as WorkCover. Contact us anytime to request a Certificate of Currency.

Is there a fee to jump Partner Tiers?

The Partner Tiers are a bonus scheme of sorts, to acknowledge a strong Partnership and to reward a Partner's loyalty. The only way to move up to higher tiers is to consistently achieve milestones, which are based on sales volume and revenue.

Forgot my Username / Password

We're all about data security here at Cabled Up, so please have the registered Account Holder contact us via phone or email and we'll get in touch to reset your login credentials.

What is the Cabled Up API?

The Cabled Up REST API provides Silver and Gold Partners a standard interface for interacting with their data on the Cabled Up Work Management System.

REST APIs provide access to resources (data entities) via URI paths. A Partner's CRM or other application can make an HTTP request using methods like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE. As RESTful APIs operate over HTTP, any programming language or framework can be used. The input and output format for the Cabled Up API is JSON.

If a Gold Partner's CRM also has a RESTful API (such as SalesForce or Atlassian JIRA), we can have our system configured to automatically share data both ways. We're all about being efficient, and automating processes is one thing we pride ourselves on.

Where do we go from here?

When you're ready to join, click here to head over to the Partner Sign Up page and follow the prompts.

If you need some more information or have any queries, please contact us or simply fill out the Expression of Interest form here on this page. One of our Partner Support Managers will contact you as soon as possible.


How can we Join?

  1. Click here to head over to the Partner Sign Up page
  2. Fill out all required fields on the form
  3. Check your email inbox for the validation email which our system will generate, to confirm your identity
  4. Click the link, or cut'n'paste the URI into a web browser, from the validation email
  5. Read through and accept the Terms and Conditions
  6. Done! You'll now be ready to raise a Work Order anytime

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