As a company of strong ethical values, we like to keep our prices transparent, while striving to achieve the best value for each job we attend, reaching or exceeding customer expectation in quality, workmanship, and customer service.

On this page we outline how we charge, and what we charge.

How We Charge:

Our Standard Pricing Model is structured thusly, for all works:

Call Out Fee

…one fixed charge, on a per-attendance basis.

+ Labour

…calculated per technician, per 30 minutes or part thereof.

+ Parts / Materials / Equipment

…such as sockets, wall plates, cable, modems, routers, data cabinets, and sundries like cable clips, screws, brackets etc.
Please understand that we simply cannot warrant jobs where the customer supplies materials or chooses to use existing materials & equipment.

+ Additional Fees

…where applicable, such as parking costs, documentation, traffic control, weekend / after-hours surcharges, etc.

Below, we advertise a few “bundled packages” which are just our minimum charge for jobs of that scope. i.e. each package is made up of the Call Out Fee, a minimum Labour charge, and materials costs for the most basic scope of work. Any variations (changes and/or additions) will be added to the final price at our advertised rates. All charges are first discussed with the customer or on-site contact before proceeding.

We do our quotations the same way; we will estimate a minimum labour charge on what we expect the job would take. Time on site is impacted by many unknowns. More than 1 technician on site for smaller jobs often reduces the time to completion by almost half. A simple cable installation inside a wall cavity could take 30 minutes if the cavity is clear and accessible, or could take 2 or more hours if accessibility is an issue or if there is a blockage inside the wall cavity (such as a pipe, insulation, internal damage, or some dirt or rocks or other foreign materials). Inside roof cavities, accessibility can be impacted by how much space there is to move around, where structural frames, insulation and air conditioning ducts for example can slow things down. Note, we will not charge the customer for breaks, and will always communicate with the customer or on-site contact about how the job is progressing.

Not sure what you should book / order?
That’s fine. Just tell us your issue, or the outcome you’d like us to achieve, and we’ll discuss your options. We’ll never overcharge you or charge for something we didn’t do. For example, if a customer wants a Central Filter installation at the request of their ISP, we will offer to first book the job at the cheaper rate of just a Call Out Fee plus Labour to see if our technicians can repair the issue another quicker & less expensive way for the customer. If not, then the job will be simply upgraded to a Central Filter installation, where the Central Filter charges would replace the Call Out Fee and initial labour costs – i.e. there is no penalty for either party, it just gives the customer the chance to save money if the original request of a more expensive product or service was not required to solve their issue or reach their expected outcome.

Whenever you engage us, you agree to our terms and conditions including our cancellation policy, which appear on our “book online” page here. We like to be transparent and fair in all our dealings, so if you ever need clarification on something please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide solutions, not to cause any problems! 🙂

What We Charge:

Below you will find our base / standard rates, whether any current discounts / promotional items are available, and some of our "bundled packages" which cover some jobs of the most basic or straighforward scope.

Base Rates:

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  • $ 0.00
    Quotes / Written Quotations

    on site or over the phone, we won‘t charge you to quote new work.
  • $ 165.00
    Call Out Fee

    fixed charge, per attendance
  • $ 55.00
    Labour - per 30mins

    per technician, per 30mins
  • +25 %
    Weekend Surcharge

    applies to Call Out and Labour fees, for Saturday and Sunday attendances
  • $ 44.00
    After Hours Fee

    when a job needs to be done asap - charged on top of labour, per technician, per 30mins
  • $ 22.00
    ADSL / Landline Status Report

    test results / graphs emailed to you in PDF format, for your ISP - charged per document, per request

As you can see, our minimum charge for all jobs would be $ 220.00 inc GST (unless stated otherwise), as each job is subject to the Call Out fee and, inherently, the first 30 minute Labour charge. However we do run monthly promotional discounts which could get this figure lower... (see below)

Promotional Discounts:

showing discount values applied to valid Tax Invoices; valid until: Friday 30/06/2017
  • –$ 15.00
    Book & Pre-Pay Online

    valid only when booking & pre-paying online (through PayPal), i.e. before job is scheduled; one per customer, per call-out.
  • –$ 121.00
    Home MDF Jumper Installation [ was $ 220.00 now $ 99.00 ]

    valid for pre-paying domestic customers / residential premises only, per attendance. Please have confirmation from your ISP that the "MDF is tagged" and if possible ask for "pair details", to reduce the chances of calling us out multiple times and paying for more than 1 attendance.
  • –$ 55.00
    Home Phone & ADSL Internal Cabling Fault-Finding

    "the first 30 minutes of labour is free" – valid for landline / PSTN / phone / ADSL fault finding service calls for domestic customers / residential premises only; one per customer, per call-out.
  • –$ 55.00
    Central Filter Installation [ was $ 295.00 now $ 240.00 ]

    supply and install of C10100E or equivalent externally mounted Central Filter / Splitter using existing cabling, covering the call out & first 1 hour of labour.

Bundled Packages*:

A few examples of how we charge for certain installations. Each is made up of the call out fee, parts / materials, and a minimum labour charge (i.e. we would not charge less than this for any work with the same or a greater scope). For larger jobs we will need to do an on site quotation, which is free of charge.
  • from $ 220.00
    PSTN / xDSL Line Relocation – MDF & IDF Jumper Rewiring

    have us relocate your phone and internet services when you‘re changing apartments, offices, or floors in the same building
  • from $ 295.00
    ADSL2+ Central Filter/Splitter

    externally mounted C10100E or equivalent, supplied and installed
  • from $ 290.00
    Cat 3 Voice Cabling (phone sockets)

    have your phone or ADSL modem working in another room / office
  • from $ 320.00
    Cat 6 Gigabit Ethernet Cabling (data points)

    both commerical and residential premises – network your office workstations to a central data cabinet – connect your home PC, xBox, PS3, and even your Smart TV to the internet. Superior security, speed and reliability compared to using a Wireless network (WLAN).
  • from $ 320.00
    NBN Cabling (phone & data points)

    upgrade your home internal wiring to get your fibre optic NBN connection working. We can connect your NBN phone service to your existing phone sockets, and add data cabling so you can plug in your WiFi router/AP and other ethernet devices, such as your PC, xBox, PS3, smart TV, etc.
  • from $ 1,499.00
    Smartwired Home Cabling^ – NBN Pre-Provisioning

    get your new home NBN ready – Cat 6 Gigabit Ethernet data and distributed coax for DTV / CATV cabling installed during construction to save on labour costs. Allows fit off to be done later, when your budget allows, by us or a third party.
  • from $ 2,999.00
    Smartwired Home Package^ - NBN Ready

    get your new home NBN ready – Cat 6 Gigabit Ethernet data and distributed coax for DTV / CATV cabling installed, fit off and commissioned during construction. As soon as you move in, you can plug‘n‘play.

*prices shown are our minimum charge. Additional parts (wall plates, conduit), cable length (cabling distance between sockets/terminations) and limitations on access (for example, ceiling space or underneath the building) may attract a higher overall cost. Because every job is different, we always quote on site before starting any work.
^based on a new single-storey 3 bedroom approx. 300sqm – cabling must be installed during construction or extra labour costs will apply – includes 1x distribution hub (mounted at NBN location as per your builder's plans) and 5x wall plates (i.e. kitchen wall plate with 1x phone socket; living room wall plate with 2x coax & 2x data outlets; and each of 3 bedrooms having a wall plate with 1x coax & 1x data outlet). For larger homes or extra components, please contact us with your requirements and a copy of the floor plans so we can issue a written quote.