Whether you need your crackling phone line fixed, a slow ADSL connection repaired, some new cabling or a CCTV system installed, Cabled Up has solutions for all residential telecommunications needs, tailored to your budget.
Our team covers the whole Sydney metro area, servicing houses, apartments, units, townhouses, granny flats and temporary dwellings, for retrofit in existing properties or installation / commission / decommission during construction, renovation, or demolition.

Landline Phone & ADSL Internet

PSTN Landline testing

If we find the line fault is not inside your premises, we don’t just give up there. We can test the physical PSTN line and DSL signal quality on the carrier network, and give you a report that you can pass onto your Service Provider as proof to get them to repair the line fault.

PSTN — Landline — Phone Line repairs

Don't put up with a droning hum or random crackling on your phone line any longer! Cabled Up can repair any phone line issues to get your line working again.

ADSL connection, faults and repairs

In most cases, your ISP will tell you that the line is fine up to the network boundary, and that any faults which may be causing your ADSL dropouts or slow speeds are inside your premises. Our technicians can check all your internal cabling, terminations and sockets for faults, and if required can install an ADSL2+ Central Filter.

If you Pre-Pay the Call-Out Fee for a Faults Service Call, we'll throw you a $15 discountclick here to book online anytime (PayPal and Credit Card accepted) or call us during business hours to book & pay over the phone.

MDF jumpers – for Phone and ADSL services

If you live in an apartment, unit or townhouse, your new phone and ADSL service most probably terminates at one central location called the MDF. Click here for more details on what an MDF jumper is and why you may need it, check out our current price guide for pricing or head straight to our prepaid discounts page to book online (we may be able to get you connected the same day!).

ADSL2+ Central Filter / Central Splitter

Where you have more than 4 telephone sockets in your place (even if you don’t use most of them), you will need a Central Filter (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Central Splitter – a splitter does not filter the output lines!). Noise or static on your phone line may be caused by your ADSL modem; the high frequency DSL signals like to reflect off points of high impedance (like an unused phone socket in a bedroom, for example) which can cause noises on your line, and can slow your internet speeds by reducing bandwidth.

Central Filters are also used with Alarm Systems that are connected to the phone line (whether for a back-to-base monitoring service or just to call the owner’s mobile), and for PBX Phone Systems where the incoming PSTN line has an active DSL service (PABX and alarm systems aren’t very good friends with ADSL!).

To order your discounted Central Filter/Splitter Installation you can either click here to book online via PayPal or Credit Card anytime, or call us during business hours to Pre-Pay over the phone with your Credit Card. We might be able to get a technician out to see you today!

Phone & ADSL modem relocation

Moving the PC to another room? Tried moving the modem to another socket, but it won’t connect? Cabled Up technicians can relocate your modem and set it up in another room, and if required can rewire your ADSL Central Filter to get that other socket working.

New phone cabling and sockets

Whether it’s for your fax, phone, ADSL modem, EFTPOS or alarm system, we are able to add or move your phone line to another wall, another room, or another floor in your home or business. We can tidy up old messy cabling with ducting, or re-run the cabling inside the floor, ceiling or wall cavities.

Upgrading old phone sockets

Old phone sockets are prone to get full of dust, muck and corrosion, which can cause crackling noises on your phone line, and slow down your ADSL internet (surprisingly, even if nothing is plugged into that socket). Upgrading your phone sockets brings additional aesthetic benefits too; we offer a range of different sockets and wall plates to match your decor.

MDF, IDF upgrades and installation

Whether you have a small home office, a block of units or townhouses, a factory, or a multi-storey building, Cabled Up can upgrade your existing telephony Main Distribution Frame (MDF), Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDFs), floor boxes and patch panels to maintain network integrity and future proof your existing installation. Our technicians can also recommend weatherproof and high security enclosures if required.

Home Networking – Cat 6 Data Cabling

Smart Wiring

Increasing popularity of electronic products and services in today’s world places more emphasis on developers and home owners to future proof their investments with communications cabling, covering automation, networking & internet, voice/telephony, video & audio distribution, and security (surveillance, alarms, etc). If your home is under construction (new or undergoing rennovation) you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by pre-wiring your home with phone, data, co-axial, security and distributed video & audio cabling, rather than getting cabling retro fitted later down the track, when the roof is on, walls are up, and furniture is in place.

Contact us today for pricing on a Smartwiring Package to suit your home!

Is your house NBN ready?

The NBN (National Broadband Network) is a new nation-wide Optic Fibre network that will soon replace the current Telstra copper lines for your telephone, internet and TV services. Cabling in homes built before 2009 were not installed with this in mind, therefore new infrastructure (data, telephone and TV cabling) must be installed inside the premises before the NBN technicians can get the new Optic Fibre service working in these homes. We can install the right cabling within your budget to get your home NBN ready, so you can utilise all the benefits of the new network as soon as it comes to your door!

Cable moves, cable additions, changes to your existing cabling

As new technologies like Smart TV’s and gaming consoles become increasingly popular and affordable, home networking requirements grow. We can alter or upgrade your existing data network cabling to your budget, allowing for easy future expansion.

Patch panel installations, upgrades

For home owners that are hardcore with their home I.T. setup, we can install a proper 19-inch Category 6 rated patch panel. For ultimate network integrity it is paramount the patch panel is secure, mounted correctly, and terminated properly.

Home Networking thru High-speed Cat-6

Over the past few years, Category 6 data cabling has become the standard in high-speed data networks for big business – and the good news is, it’s now affordable to the home user. Get the edge on your opponent by connecting your PC, Xbox, PS3 or other gaming console directly to your modem through a Cabled Up Cat-6 data line. Increase your network capacity to accommodate internet connectivity for your new Smart TV, and HD multimedia streaming from your Network Attached Storage device.

Get big discounts when you get us to install your cabling during construction!

Bundled Modem-Router setup – LAN and WLAN

Our technicians can setup and install the modem that your ISP sent you with your internet connection, to get your wired and wireless devices online, such as your PC, laptop, tablet, Smart TV, gaming console, etc.

Cabled Up technicians are licenced to perform work on all telecommunications cabling outlined in the Australian Wiring Rules, so if we haven't included a product or service you're looking for here on this page, please contact us anytime with your requirements or ideas and we can discuss how Cabled Up can help.